Orb-It® OPEN Flag Kit (1-Balloon)


The Orb-It® Flag with a 1-Balloon Topper is the most attention grabbing flag kit on the market! Approximately 14’ tall with the action packed balloons on top, these kits will surely stand out next to all your flag neighbors and competitors! Balloons are plastic, lightweight, helium-free and built to withstand extreme wind and adverse climates for long periods of time! Choose seasonal, branded, or just your favorite colors of balloons to sit on top of your eye-catching message or design! Whether it’s your company logo or tagline, a seasonal scene, or simply saying “Welcome”, Orb-It® flags will have you covered. Flags are also available in 3-Balloon kits!

NOTE: Orb-It® Flags are one-sided prints with extra saturation to show artwork from the backside.


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